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Level 1

How well do people on your team know each other? This level helps you and your teammates get to know one another.

This level is great to:
• Integrate new members to the team.
• Get to know your colleagues better.
• Promote psychological safety.


What does everyone appreciate about each other? This level helps you recognize and celebrate the team’s contributions.

This level is great to:
• Recognize and appreciate colleagues.
• Celebrate team successes.
• Encourage a sense of belonging.


When you become more open and authentic, others will too! This level helps reveal vulnerabilities and points to areas that could be improved within the team.

This level is great to:
• Say what we genuinely think and feel.
• Highlight opportunities for improvement in the team.
• Build more authentic and meaningful connections.


At the end of the game, write a thank-you card to the person of your choice. Once you have written your note, use the provided stickers to seal it and give it to them.