Bringing more humanity to the workplace

At Hubu, we believe that a team should feel like a secure place, like a family. In this new era of remote work where it is harder than ever to connect with each other, we help leaders bring more love, connection and humanity to their team. 

The name “Hubu” comes from the combination of the word “hub” and the abbreviation of “Ubuntu”, an African philosophy that means “I am because we are”. Furthermore, “hu” + “bu” means “human business”.

A family story

Daniel (middle) and Gabriel (right) are father and son.  

Daniel is a people person who became partner of an accounting firm and HR manager of 50 people. In 2009, he decided to take a leap to become  leadership coach working alongside teams and organizations around the world. He has taken part in missions in more than 15 countries in Africa alone.

Gabriel is an athlete who competed at high levels in multiple sports. After retiring from competition, Gabriel worked alongside senior leaders in an entrepreneur school as assistant coach. He is passionate about entrepreneurial ventures.

Claudelle (left), daughter of Daniel and sister of Gabriel also joined the team. She brings joy, creativity and colour to our products.  

The story behind Hubu games

In 2020, when the global pandemic started, Daniel and Gabriel found themselves with a lot of spare time and wondered how they could adapt to this new reality. They started to hear growing challenges within remote teams and saw an opportunity. Team leaders were looking for tools and solutions to compensate for less time at the office.

They quickly rallied a focus group of coaches and consultants to develop a team discussion game. Then, they printed prototypes (picture below) and multiple of their existing clients showed interest in play-testing it.

The teams absolutely loved their TeamTalk game. The feedback collected helped them iterate and develop the highest quality product. The first Hubu game, TeamTalk, was born.